A good set of cupcake supplies allows me to create enticingly flavorful and mouthwatering cupcakes that everyone will truly fall in love with. These baked goodies have been a staple in my home kitchen and everyone just loves to munch one every now and then. My serving tray is always almost empty by night (I usually bake in the morning)! The secret to my infamous cupcakes are the supplies I use to make them. Ingredients-wise and equipment-wise –good quality supplies can make a world of a difference on how it tastes and looks.

Making a delicious cupcake should not be as hard and tedious as people think it is. With the right supplies beside you, you can make the best tasting cupcakes anyone has ever eaten before. Here are some of the basic supplies you will need in your kitchen all the time to create the best of these tiny goodies in the world.


Cupcake Supplies #1: Basic Ingredients

Of course, how can anyone ever make a cupcake without the basic ingredients, right? This includes flour, sugar, butter or oil, salt, egg and/or milk and leavening agents. This is what constitutes the entire cupcake really and this is what you need to have all the time. The flour basically is the foundation of the cupcake. The sugar helps give your cupcake flavor and moisture as well as prolongs the shelf life of the cupcake as well. Butter or oil also provides texture and flavor to the cupcake. Salt helps develop the gluten of the cupcake to help mold and shape the cupcake. Egg and milk are the liquid ingredients which provide moisture and texture as well as to bind the ingredients together to form the cupcake. Leavening agents such as baking powder and baking soda helps the batter rise to give you a spongy and soft cupcake.


Cupcake Supplies #2: Basic Equipment

cupcake suppliesSome of the equipment I use can actually be omitted if you prefer to make your cupcakes manually. But I find such too tedious thus I use different equipment to help me bake my goodies. Mixer is essential for me as this combines the ingredients together. You will then need a mixing bowl to mix your ingredients at, a spatula to scrape the sides of the mixing bowl when mixing or to transfer the ingredients from one container to another, muffin pans to bake my cupcakes at and some cupcake liners so my cupcakes won’t stick to the pan.


Cupcake Supplies #3: Other Ingredients And Equipment

The secret ingredients I use are buttermilk and/or yogurt. These add moisture to my cupcakes and make the flavor richer as well. Vanilla extract helps prevent the egg from overpowering the flavor and gives that sweet scent and aroma to. I use a weighing scale and sometimes measuring cups to have an exact measurement of each ingredient. Cupcakes are very sensitive to the proportions of its ingredients thus you need to measure each precisely to have the perfect texture, moisture and flavor.


The Secret Of My Cupcakes

cupcake suppliesAnd the secret weapon I always use to bake my cupcakes is love. I know it sounds cheesy but really, if you love baking as much as I do chances of having a sloppy outcome will diminish. Keep these cupcake supplies list in mind to seamlessly bake a good cupcake that everyone will truly enjoy.